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A Sweet Summery Salad

One of the things that I really look forward to from May to August is that I have more time in my schedule to make healthy dinners. I scour cookbooks, watch a little Barefoot Contessa, and really take the time to experiment in the kitchen.

My friend (Ashley, you know who you are, girl;)) told me the other day about this salad that she made with coleslaw, lime juice, etc. so I decided to pick up a bag of prepared coleslaw mix that I saw at Aldi's (can we talk about how many amazing new products Aldi's has been stocking!?) and recreate it on my own.

You know it passes the taste test when the kids eat it and at least one says, "This salad is really good, Mom."

But really, this whole post is for me to gush a little about my favorite salad dressing on the planet, Brianna's Blush Wine Vinaigrette (are you really surprised?). Little known fact about me is that I'm very picky about salad dressing, and I don't like anything that tastes like it's full of preservatives. In fact, I usually make my own dressing because I'm so picky. But when I need a prepared dressing to fall back on, this is the one. It's sweet and tangy, and adds the perfect pick-me-up to a salad like the one I made last night.

Here's the quick recipe:

  • Combine one-half of a bag of prepared coleslaw mix with chopped cilantro, one diced fresh mango, two minced garlic cloves, a tablespoon of minced, peeled fresh ginger, and salt and pepper (honestly, you could probably add pretty much anything you want, but this is what I made last night). 
  • Pour over a few turns of Brianna's dressing. I made the salad first before I prepared the stirfry that was the main course so that the flavors would have time to develop. 
Enjoy! And have a wonderful week:). Until next time, Jess


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